Some Theses on Monsters; occasioned by reading, and in place of a review of, Margrét Helgadóttir and Jo Thomas, eds, African Monsters (Fox Spirits Books, 2015)

by Mark Bould We live in a world being made monstrous. By us. Inhuman and obscene (and anthropocene). Not merely unhomely but uninhabitable. And it is a time of monsters. Aliens and kaiju, zombies and mutants, giant robots and costumed freaks lay waste to our cities. Rumbling urban smackdowns between unknowable forces scorch the Earth

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Piqued Oil

by Mark Bould On 28 September 2015, Royal Dutch Shell – suddenly and without warning – announced their withdrawal from exploratory drilling in the Chuckchi Sea. This decision will cost them, depending on who you ask, somewhere between $4-8 billion in terms of money already spent or contractually committed. Many have found reason to celebrate

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Milton Friedman – An Obituary

FICTION by Mark Bould Milton Friedman, 31 July 1912–16 November 2006 Shake any Jewish comedian, they say, and one of two things will fall out: a joke about kvetching or a story about Milton Friedman. Little-known outside of Jewish-American comedy circles, Friedman died of heart failure last week at the age of 94.