Salvage welcomes submissions of essays, artwork, fiction and poetry across genre, subject, style, and form.

Salvage is a non-sectarian, non-dogmatic Marxist quarterly, and we encourage contributions from across the radical and revolutionary traditions: not only from those identifying with socialism, but with feminism, decolonial politics, anarchism, queer activism, liberation theology (of any faith tradition), and others. We seek the solidarity of, and contributions from, all committed to building a habitable left culture.

As a matter of principle, while the editors take no payment ourselves, we offer payment to all our artists and writers.

Our essays appear first in print, and are later released online. We publish in print in ‘essayistic’ (footnoteless) form rather than academic form, and encourage exploratory, polemical and provocative writing, rather than the drier caution of much academic prose. Any necessary bibliographic references should be incorporated into the body of the piece (though if requested, we will include full bibliographic and page references when a piece is put online).

We are open to well-wrought writing of any kind, and abjure the Anglophone Left’s endless knee-jerk rote recitation of Orwell’s ‘Politics and the English Language’, and their concomitant – and grossly elitist – anxieties over ‘pretentiousness’. We believe there is politics in play and literary form as well as in content: that is to say, done well, we are as open to the Red rococo, libertine prose filigree and/or avant-gardenings as to the terse compactness of more ‘minimalist’ prose – and considerably more so than to the leaden ‘Dick and Jane go on a demo’ stylings that characterise much left journalism.

We are open to all suggestions, but as a baseline we encourage work of between 2-4,000 words. We are interested in work that has not yet been published elsewhere.

We will consider poems at any length, but are unlikely to be able accept them if they will run over more than four pages. We encourage submissions by all radical poets across traditions and schools: we welcome good polemical poetry, but also far less ‘overt’ work, taking a very open view of what constitutes political poetry.

Shorter pieces are more likely to be accepted. As with poetry, we encourage submissions by all radical writers with a very broad remit of what comprises radical fiction: good agitprop, for example, is welcome, but by no means necessary.

We can print a small number of artists’ work in full colour. We are interested in the best work – representational, conceptual, photographic, or of any other kind – by radical artists, and are grateful for submissions from such artists at all levels in their fields and stages of their work.


If you would like to submit a piece, please email us at

If you have an idea for a piece that you consider does not fit neatly into any of the categories here, please contact us to discuss it.