SALVAGE #3 is almost here!

As you may have noticed we’ve had a few delays with SALVAGE Issue #3, but we’re incredibly excited to announce that it’s very nearly with us!

To be among the first to receive Issue #3 you can pre-order your copy from our webstore now. To pre-order click here. Or, to save money on every issue and to be guaranteed to get it before anyone else you can take out a one-year subscription here for £36/$56/€51 – that’s just £9 per issue!



Salvage Issue #3: Or what’s a hell for? features:

Helen Hester on the merging of woman, machine and work
Tony Norfield on the gap between capital and finance
Hannah Elsisi on counter-revolution and the revolution of the psyche in Egypt
Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor on the movement for Black liberation in America
Sam Kriss on BEN GHA ZI: a horror story in three acts
Shabane Barot on the forward march of fascism in Sweden
Jen Izaakson on trigger warnings and the abasement of trauma
John Merrick on the origins of the present crisis
Panagiotis Sotiris on the lessons of Syriza and contemporary revolutionary strategy

Plus plenty more, including poetry and art from Caitlin Doherty, Terese Svoboda and others.

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