Season Butler

Season Butler is an artist, writer, activist and academic. Her writing, research and performance practice centre around intersectionality and narratives of otherness, isolation and the end of the world. She attempts to expose established ways of looking and modes of representation – particularly the civilised/savage duality – and flip them to see how they survive on their metaphorical backs. She has performed underground (Shunt Vaults, These Brutal Queens), in bawdy spaces (Purex (Lisbon), Duckie, Cruising for Art), white cubes (Nuit Blanche Brussels, Hayward Gallery), art festivals (Spill, ANTI) and once in a bungalow in the process of falling off a cliff (The House, Scarborough). In 2014 Season convened the Artists’ Assembly Against Austerity, and she is an associate producer of I’m With You, a loose collective of queer artists making performance work in unusual domestic spaces. Her current work investigates notions of authorship, authority and version control.


Art. The traces and record of a performance.

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